Social Steve provides consultation services to companies implementing digital and social strategies and plans. Additionally, Steve mentors company social managers to integrate their practice in overall company programs and objectives to produce social metrics aligned to corporate KPIs (key performance indicators).

The Challenge – there continues to be a gap between C-Suite objectives and social media manager executions. Organizations need to evolve to a social culture as opposed to simply executing social media tactics. The problem most organizations face is that their executive leadership does not understand digital interactions by their target market. At the same time social managers have not integrated social marketing into their overall business strategy due to lack of brand marketing and business experience.

Filling the Void – Social Steve provides target market assessment, social audit, and integrated social strategy and plans for organizations looking to drive measurable social marketing results.

The Social Strategy starts with assessment of brand definitions:
• Brand target audience
• Brand value proposition
• Brand position

Next a social audit is performed evaluating:
• Brand’s existing social channels
• Meme assessment to determine themes driving brand relevant conversations
• Competitor social presence

Once the pre-work is performed the social marketing objectives are set. The social marketing objectives are:
1. Communication Goal
2. Social Target Audience
3. Target Audience Perceptions
4. Defined Social Offering
5. Call to Action

The resultant social strategy includes:
• Social target audience definition
• Messaging strategy
• Content strategy
• Social media channel plan
• Engagement strategy
• Social performance metrics and reporting

Once the social strategy and plan are in place, Steve coaches the in-house social manager so he/she can take over the company’s social marketing responsibility and drive success. This is really a scenario of temporary management and transition of social marketing responsibility from an outsourced consultant to in house party/group.

The social manager coaching tasks typically include (but are not limited to):
• Work hand in hand with social manager to explain and execute the social strategy
• Manage social manager for limited time
• Coach social manager on optimal use of social tools
• Assist in content production
• Work with social manager to define social workflows
• Assist social manager in collaboration across company
• Overall resource of mentoring and support

If you are interested is discussing how Steve can help drive social success at your company, please contact him .


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