12 Items that Define a Complete Content Marketing Playbook

content marketing

As we turn a page on a new year, many subject matter experts share their perspective on what should have been learned from the past year and what their predictions are for the coming year. Count me in the ranks of those that have done so. A couple weeks ago I published, “Successful Marketing – Here It is in a Nutshell.”  It is certainly full of valuable information.

I would also like to add specific guidance for your content marketing efforts. In the past year, I was contracted to do a series of articles on content marketing. If you piece together the 12 of published article, you have a complete content marketing playbook. Here they are:


Content 101: Content Marketing Goals and Objectives

Content 102: Determining your Target Audience for Content

Content 103: Leveraging Your Brand Position to Produce Compelling Content

Content 104: Social Audits to Drive Content Marketing

Content 105: Messaging Strategy Before Content Strategy

Content 106: Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

Content 107: How Do You Know Your Content Will Pay Dividends

Content 108: Content Marketing Metrics

Content 109: The Power of Orchestrated UGC – (User Generated Content)

Content 110: Earned Media – Finding Influencers to Distribute your Content

Content 111: What Does It Mean to Produce Data Driven Content?

Content 112: How to Determine Which Content is Driving Success for Your Brand


Content marketing is a key element to extend your customer/client user experience. But everyone is producing content these days. Make sure you know how you will get a maximum ROI on your content marketing efforts. Got it?


Make It Happen,

Social Steve











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