Here is an Example of Why I Love My Social Marketing Job

One of the things I love about being a professional social media engager is that I get to connect with people. There is nothing better than getting the feeling of helping someone. Are you doing this with your social presence?

social media helpThe best way to win people over is to help them. This seems pretty straightforward and obvious, but how many brands actually do this. Social platforms are a strong enabler for helping people and not enough marketers are leveraging social in the proper way.

As some of you know from my recent blogs, I head up audience development for DivorceForce. DivorceForce is a safe and supportive community for people navigating all aspects of divorce. Recently, I was monitoring Twitter and other platforms for people looking for help as it related to their divorce. I came across one user that merely mentioned she was pursuing her divorce. My response is below:

post 10115-1

A simple, “wishing you the best” type of response. A small expression of caring. She then responded with a “thanks”, but the second response really surprised me …

post 10115-2

post 10115-3

Friends were not there, but she thought the response was from a bot. I quickly replied …

post 10115-4

Once she followed DivorceForce, I DMed her my email to contact me. This opened the door for a more personal engagement, opportunity to help an individual, and shine as a brand. I love this! What more could a professional look for? An opportunity to help people and at the same time represent a brand in a positive light.

Now I know that DivorceForce has a natural social mission of helping people. Not all marketers have this luxury with their brand as it relates to having a most positive social presence. But I do believe that EVERY brand has an opportunity to make a positive difference for their audience.

If you want an example of a brand that does not have an inherent social mission, but creates great care and value for their audience with their social presence, check out Dove. Just Google them. Look at what they do for self-esteem for women.

Now, I want to give you a challenge. We are approaching the end of the year for 2015. How about you make a commitment to using social to help people for the rest of the year. How about you use social, not to push your agenda, but to help your audience. I will bet that if you take this challenge you will hit 2016 with great momentum building your audience and building advocacy for your brand. Are you ready?

Make It Happen,
Social Steve



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3 responses to “Here is an Example of Why I Love My Social Marketing Job

  1. arth

    Good Day to You Steve,

    On Wednesday, 11/04/15, the day’s assignment in the Blogging 101 course I’m taking at Blogging University was “follow 5 tags and follow 5 blogs in the Reader”.

    It is now late Friday night, and your blog is number four (4) on my list using the “Long Tail Tag” Social media help.

    The reason for taking so long to find and follow tags and blogs, is because my niche (and blog name) “Professional Licensing Helper” is dominated by government agencies.

    I have tried and failed repeatedly for years with other projects, never able to really follow through the way I wanted for a number of reasons, including working full time, having slow eyes due to Glaucoma, and dealing with family illness, to name a few.

    This week has marked my first as a retiree. At last I have the hours required to commit to and complete what is necessary to make this retirement project work.

    Staying true to my niche, while attempting to think “outside the box”, in relation to possible narrowing of the niche (perhaps focusing is a better word) has been a huge challenge.

    It is not just being true to my niche, but paying attention to the quality of the content, from the standpoint of being compatible with my own ideals. Please note that “Helper” is in the blog’s name.

    I am very pleased to have found your blog to follow.
    Your article “Three Social Marketing Fundamentals” really speaks to me.

    In particular, where you state, ““notice “conversion” is not part of the social media activities”.

    What I get out of this is that we are better off being an advocate ourselves, positively sharing valuable content, along with our own. It is through our “good works” that our brand becomes recognized and trusted. To me this is the best example of “natural link building” I have ever read.

    My “static” pages are being built as an alphabetically indexed collection of links pages. The intent is to provide a tool for professionals to be able to more easily locate the resources and information they need, than is possible on the government agency websites. The current pages are going to be improved upon, over time and is a huge work in progress.

    This week I converted the “static” page website into a “blog” with “static webpages. Blogging 101 is the first step in training myself to gain the knowledge and mindset to make this project a success.

    I’m far from mastering the sharing tools, here on WordPress and in social media. The farther along I progress in the Blogging 101 course, the need to better understand how to properly use these tools, becomes more evident.

    A post is being created, sharing my experience and progress. I will be linking to this post in the article.

    I won’t be ready to publish until the last tab and blog for the assignment is found and followed. This is not a matter of “pass or fail” for me, but more of practice, growth, and understanding my focus.

    I will update the comments, after the post is published. I would really appreciate your giving the post a read. I believe you will be pleased with the context in which the link to this post is presented.

    My Best to You

  2. arth

    Good Day to You Steve,

    The post is published!

    The title is “Searching the Reader – Long Tail Tags”.

    I had no idea, when I informed you about being mentioned in this post that it would take so many days before the post would be published.

    My apologies!

    In the future, I’ll wait until a post is published, before giving a notice like this.

    I hope you will take the time to read the entire post, and let me know how I did.

    You will find the section relating to the link leading to two of your posts under the title:

    #4 Long Tail Tag: “Social media help”.

    Please be sure to tell me, if you find a mistake or misrepresentation.

    I hope you like it!

    My Best to You

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