Got Social Media? Got SMART Social Media Objectives?

When you set a marketing strategy/plan, do you start with objectives? I hope this is a rhetorical question.

So why is it different for social media marketing? Still, an abundance of companies/ brands get involved in social media with no set objectives. Social media continues to get hype and every brand feels that they must have a social presence. Yes, this is true, but having a presence without knowing what you look to accomplish is a recipe for poor results.

Make sure you have “SMART” social objectives.

smart social marketing objectives

SMART = Specific + Measurable + Achievable + Realistic + Timed

Specific – Build strong relationships with your target audience while delivering on company KPIs. Increase awareness, consideration, loyalty, and advocacy which tee up sales.

Measurable – Measure awareness, consideration, loyalty, and advocacy generated by social marketing. Record monthly outcomes and assess trends.

Achievable – Demonstrate 10% growth in month-to-month trend of measured awareness, consideration, loyalty, and advocacy.

Realistic – Allocate resources, tools and staffing to meet objectives.

Timed – Start by running a 3-month run look at trending metrics. Continue to monitor rolling 12-month trend .

Be smart about your social media marketing efforts. Don’t just wing it. Set objectives first, then have a plan to accomplish your objectives.

Make It Happen,
Social Steve


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One response to “Got Social Media? Got SMART Social Media Objectives?

  1. Jim Matorin

    Realistic? Makes sense, but some organizations do not foster a social culture so despite all the resources, tools and staffing, they will never become a social enterprise. Then what would you recommend Steve?

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