Nothing Unveils Customer Commitment Like Social Media

As a digital marketing executive, I see two types of clients. Type A wants to increase sales. Type B takes it a bit further and knows that to increase sales brands need to provide an exceptional user experience to sustain continuous and long-term growth.

customer commitment

Let me share with you a correspondence I had this week. I have edited some of the conversation only to respect the privacy of those involved, but the nature and essence of the correspondence prevails free of any poetic justice on my part.

Potential client – “I wondered first and foremost what your fee would be to
help us with our social media page … We are a small company with an extremely small budget.”

My response – “Really more important than getting you on track is you and your team’s ability and bandwidth to keep social in motion. You (or your team) would need to produce constant content reinforcing [your brand value] … Would you be able to commit to an article a week, curating content, and providing a POV (point of view) on issues on a regularly bases? If yes, I’d be glad to discuss how I can help and my fees.”

You see participation and lack there of truly magnifies a company’s/brand’s commitment to their target audience. If you just want to get another number signed up to your company service, social is going to be a bad marketing mix choice for your company. If you want to use social to demonstrate your subject matter expertise, sincere interest in providing solutions, and a desire to listen to what your audience says, social marketing is an awesome addition to your marketing mix.

There is no social media expert that is going to turn your social marketing effort into success unless YOU are a) truly committed to your customer and b) are willing to learn your audience’s digital behavior and adapt or reallocate time and resources to meet their evolved usage patterns? Do you believe this mentality and approach leads to continuous sales growth?

Make It Happen,
Social Steve

Footnote – The response I got from the prospect was – “I hear you. I do know that it would take time out of my already busy day. That being said, I’m not so sure if I have a choice if I want to gain greater visibility equating to greater income, or do I? Your question of course is understandable, but I guess it would depend upon the actual process, and just how time consuming it would be.”

An honest assessment that many must ask themselves. I do not typically share specific client correspondence and activities with my audience, but I really think there is a great sense of reality and honesty conveyed here. It is an issue that you will likely need to consciously face.



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4 responses to “Nothing Unveils Customer Commitment Like Social Media

  1. Very good Steve, thanks for sharing. Your point about learning your audience’s digital behaviour and adapting accordingly is spot on. We’re seeing plenty of “a-ha” moments with our clients in this regard. At first, the less social media-savvy of our clients are expecting quicker wins in terms of sales or engagement. Over time, we help them identify their target market, find their voice, and start to understand where and when their audience is engaging. They then start seeing the results. Increased leads, more engaged conversations. Sales!

    The challenge is getting them to have these moments quickly. Technology helps. Most importantly of all is the client’s willingness to participate and invest in their social marketing capability.

    Best to you,
    Tony Hollingsworth
    Head of Community – DIGIVIZER

  2. Steve,
    It’s been a long time since I had the chance to read one of your posts. You still inspire me. I encounter the exact same problem. So instead of saying yes to everyone, I can now very easily weed out the clients that either
    A. Can provide me information and have a need and desire to participate or
    B. Want to but just aren’t that into it.or don’t have the time, staff, or means

    I have to say 70% of small business owners don’t understand the value.. not just yet. But this goes back to the all familiar expression I used to use in sales. “This is a commitment” A long term one. So if you want to dip your feet in the water, I’m happy to give you suggestions at no cost. But if you want results, you have to go hard or go home.. Bottom Line.

    A business’ employees are their greatest asset, yet I rarely see employees participating in their own companies social strategy. That is an obvious fail.

    • Social Car Girl – thanks, glad my post are inspiring. I agree with everything you said. I would just add two things that often make any business better understand the commitment and power of social marketing: 1) their audience behavior and digital usage pattern, 2) an honest description of what long-term success looks like.

      Best, Steve

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