University Social Marketing Presentation

On December 2, 2013, I had the pleasure of delivering a social media marketing presentation to students at St. John’s University. The presentation is short, but contains valuable information. Here it is …

Ready to drive social marketing success?

Make It Happen,
Social Steve



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4 responses to “University Social Marketing Presentation

  1. Mike Poynton

    Thanks, Steve. Very nice presentation. I must share it with my readers too!

  2. Spencer

    A very useful summary of the core concepts around Social Media design, implementation and expected results. As always, another great plug from Social Steve on the value of Social Media in the traditional business work place. I wonder how this resonated with the students in the class?

    • Thanks Spencer. The lecture resonated with the students as I emphasized how they would react to hard sell versus relationship building to create emotional brand preferences.

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