If a Picture is Worth 1000 Words, What is the Value of a 6-Second Video #Vine

Everyone gravitates to the new hyped digital platform or app. Hype doesn’t lure me, but rather I examine user behavior to determine emerging digital opportunities. That said, I am very bullish on Vine.

Vine has the ingredients that appeal to most digital users … visuals for people with short attention spans. And while Vine has this inherent attribute, the app provides awesome elements of a holistic integrated marketing plan. I am quite surprised that more brands are not exploiting Vine.

Vine Marketing

Many of you that have been followers of The SocialSteve Blog are familiar with my Social Media A-Path. I refer to the A-Path in many of my writings. If you are not familiar with my A-Path approach you can get a sense for it in the article “Using the Social Media A-Path to Capture Ultimate Customers.” So let me relate Vine opportunities to the Social Media A-Path.

The A-Path starts with Attention and then seeks to grab Attraction. This is probably the greatest asset of Vine. If you create a compelling Vine (or series of Vines), they serve as introductions and teasers to the more in-depth brand content you produce. Think about creating a Vine that is the equivalent to an entertaining elevator statement. The purpose of a Vine is not to tell a story, but rather peak interest. An interest that leads people to want more information. The next step in the A-Path is to build Affinity for your brand content. Use Vine to introduce your audience to your brand content and drive them to the portfolio where your brand content resides. Maybe your content portfolio includes a series of Vines that people keep coming back to see or share and introduce their network to your brand.

There are some brands that are doing good things with Vine. If you are interested in seeing some examples you can check here and here. I also like brands using Vine as part of UGC (user generated content) programs. Disney kicked off a compelling Vine UGC program.

So think about how you want to direct your potential audience to your brand content. Think about how you can use Vine to stimulate interest and drive people to your digital presence. Have a messaging strategy for Vine as well as a distribution plan. Where will you place your Vines to attract your audience?

While some brands are starting to use Vine, I do believe it is a highly under utilized app that can drive strong brand interest.

How high can you reach? How far can you see? How big can you dream? …

Make It happen,
Social Steve


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One response to “If a Picture is Worth 1000 Words, What is the Value of a 6-Second Video #Vine

  1. Jim Matorin

    Steve: D’accord. I am working with my B2B client to understand how Vine can help communicate the persona of their company; fun! It would help enhance our current social initiatives.

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