7 Steps to Keep Up with the Demands of Marketing Evolution

Whether it is the result of digital, interactive, or social media, or simply the heightened knowledge and skepticism of consumers, effective marketing must evolve. Some traditional marketing tactics and channels no longer yield strong awareness, consideration, purchase decision, loyalty and advocacy. And at the same time traditional approaches determining marketing strategy, plan, and execution are still quite relevant.

marketing evolution

In the past I have written about how the changing consumer, new leadership requirements, and complete consumer focus spawned a need for considerable marketing evolution. These three characteristics dictate a need for a changing marketing approach. And while conditions demand change, marketing evolution is far too stagnant.

So what should you do to drive marketing evolution that not only defines survivability, but excellence now and in the coming years? Here is a list for your consideration …

1) Know your audience – Every marketing effort must start on a thorough understanding of your audience. Their wants, needs, motivations, and turn offs.
2) Understand your audience channels of use -You must not only understand your audience’s behavior but also channels where their behaviors are exercised.
3) Determine voice, tone, and brand characterization – Once you understand your audience, then you start to influence your brand’s position and perception. The influence of brand’s position is driven by a set voice, tone of communication, and characteristics that represent what the brand stands for.
4) Define how the brand’s characterization manifests itself in every organizational role – Once the brand’s voice, tone, and characteristics are defined, marketing leaders must define how they manifest with each organization and role in the company. A brand’s character is not just something to be used by the marketing group, but rather the entire extended company and partners.
5) Determine both physical and virtual presence of brand and integrate – Digital marketing and experiential marketing cannot be separated. Your target audience has digital and real physical experiences with your brand. Consider how to bring these often siloed practices together because consumer do not separate different facets of their brand experiences.
6) Integrate brand and direct marketing – Marketing consists of short-term and long-term initiatives. Typically, direct marketing is short-term and brand marketing is long-term. Once again, these marketing functions are far too often siloed. They need to be collaborative in a marketing strategy to maximize results.
7) Integrate owned, earned, paid media – As discussed in the article Integrating Owned Media, Earned Media, and Paid Media media types need to work together in a synergistic way. See the referenced article and consider how to get the most out of your media presence that your audience views.

I am quite surprised and at times disenchanted by the slow pace of change in marketing. I am not suggesting that you follow hype, but rather follow your audience. When you follow your audience, this dictates what changes you must make. There are not enough marketing leaders willing to be adaptive. Are you willing to be a continuous student of your craft?

Make It Happen,
Social Steve


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One response to “7 Steps to Keep Up with the Demands of Marketing Evolution

  1. Jim Matorin

    #8 stay committed! Thank you fo sharing your thoughts Steve. You think it is moving slow. Try viewing things on my side of the playing field, foodservice.

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