Reboot the Creativity in Your Marketing

Do you ever feel like you are producing the same old marketing programs you have been delivering for some time. If you really want to stand out in the crowd, stand out in your industry, you need to reboot your marketing creativity.

Last weekend I did something I have not done in probably the last five years and let me tell you, my mind is open and my approach to marketing feels totally refreshed. I disconnected from work and all related thought. Not only that … my creativity senses were totally invigorated and re-blossomed. From Friday until Monday, I went to The Solid Sound Festival.

Now if you know anything about me, you probably know I am a music junkie and this festival had amazing bands for my taste including my favorite live band Wilco playing two nights. But not only was this festival an awesome musical curation, it included breath-taking art exhibits as the festival was on the grounds of Mass MoCA.

Having gone through this I gained a great experience and professional refresh, I’d like to share with you a couple of key elements that I highly recommend for you.

First off, take a work disconnect. While many people talk about a social media fast (as in starvation), I do not think that is necessary. What I do think is that you need an adjustment on your behavioral use of social … you do need a cleansing. I disconnected from all work related email, social engagement, and readings, but my smartphone was still an active part of my hiatus. Being digitally connected was key for getting information about the festival, schedules, recommended places to eat, and sharing my experience with anyone that cared. I think it is important to allow yourself to separate from work to refresh. You need to be mentally strong and avoid getting sucked into work related stuff by your other digital use.

The second part that made this long weekend a total professional refresh was the emersion into the arts. As professionals, we owe it to ourselves to seek out artistic inspiration that refuels our own creativity. Look at some of these pictures below. Picture yourself there.

Solid Sound

Can’t you imagine how this type of setting could reignite your creativity juice? Maybe art or music is not your thing. Find your thing and drift with it … poetry, prose, movies, live theater, whatever.

Yes, this post is a little light compared to what I usually cover. But then again, maybe that is what you need to reboot your creativity marketing. Chill for a moment; lighten up; refuel; then …

Make It Happen,
Social Steve

PS – I was thrilled to meet one of the greatest guitarist of all time … Nels Cline …
steve and nels



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3 responses to “Reboot the Creativity in Your Marketing

  1. Steve i think all of us need to do this more often. Here are some ways I increase my creativity: Laughing out loud every day, Breaking familiar routines, Saying to yourself, “I can do this”, Seting aside 15 minutes daily for “thinking” and Reading one non-fiction book a month.

  2. Jim Matorin

    Rebooting all the time. During the week I either go to the park (people watch) or occasionally take in an art film during the day. Gets my juices flowing. Have a great holiday.

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