3 Keys to Successful Social Media Marketing

successAre you going about your social media marketing correctly? Before you even start with a strategy and plan, you must consider these three factors and approaches to drive success.

1) Deliver valuable and/or entertaining information to your target audience. If you really want to keep your audience sticky and constantly thinking of your brand, the best way is to give them content and information they really want and need. It keeps them coming back and keeps your brand top of mind.
2) Reinforce your brand position and what you stand for. Prove it … An advertorial approach does not prove it. Provide original content and postings that support who you are. Provide curated content that also speaks to your values. The secret is to produce content that does not speak of your product/service, but magnifies the solutions you provide. Don’t speak to “what you are,” tell stories that signal your value proposition in an indirect way.
3) View your social presence and channels as a vehicle to draw people into your digital assets. Social media should be used to distribute brand content and promote engaging conversations. (See Content Marketing – Social Marketing: You Can’t Have One without the Other.) Social is best for providing introductions and abstracts to your content that resides on your website, blog, or other digital asset you completely own and manage.

It is really as simple as that. In the words of the guys at PS Insights, “Simple is hard.” Can you make your social media marketing efforts as simple as what is described above?

Start with the three approaches as highlighted. Constantly examine your social execution and confirm your activities support the requirements for success defined above.

Make It Happen,
Social Steve


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One response to “3 Keys to Successful Social Media Marketing

  1. I keep on seeing some startups using an ‘exaggerated’ social media marketing strategy. Doing ‘too much’ won’t help. As the famous quotation says, “Simplicity is beauty.” I don’t know if you all know that quotation but it’s really one of the sayings I live by every day. As a marketer, keeping it all simple won’t just save a lot of time; it will drive interest as well. Together with being simple, I just one should be honest all the time as well.

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