The Importance of Blogging Beyond the Obvious

No surprise, I am very bullish on blogging, but you should know there is great value in maintaining a blog with continuous updates. Before I discuss some strong benefits that are not so obvious, let’s go through some of the fundamental values of blogging.

blogging is good

Probably the best reason to blog is that it helps to establish a brand or individual as a subject matter expert in a particular field or vertical. Assuming the brand or individual has strong knowledge and expertise in a specific area, blogging helps to reinforce the entity as a thought leader for topics covered.

In addition to demonstrating to your audience your expertise, blogging provokes conversation and engagement. And when you continuously deliver content in a topical area, your SEO and listing on Google is increased.

And now for the not-so-obvious …

How many times during the week do you have a thought about something that happens in your profession? Do you take time to think it through and detail a solution or position? When you are committed to blogging you force yourself to think it through and work out details. As a result, your knowledge and expertise actually increase. Certainly bloggers work through more solutions than an inactive content producer. Not only that, bloggers sharpen their thoughts and become more attuned to their profession. The preparation and action of blogging take you deeper into your profession. The fact that you have thought through the topic and detailed a solution or stance now makes you better prepared for discussions on the topic whether they are online or offline.

Another important aspect is that when you write an article on a topic, you now have a documented stance and position. When you engage in conversation with others, often the same topic comes up. Point people to what you have written.

I can say without any hesitation that blogging about social marketing has made me a much stronger digital/social marketing executive. So what is keeping you from blogging? Show your stuff.

Make It Happen,
Social Steve



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2 responses to “The Importance of Blogging Beyond the Obvious

  1. Good thoughts, Steve. I enjoyed it – probably because I’ve got similar thoughts and actually wrote something along those lines a couple weeks ago. I absolutely think that it helps with personal branding. First, blogging helps you think about things in a more concrete fashion. Second, the results are public and on record. People can gravitate towards what you’re saying which puts you in a leading position.

  2. I get prompted throughout the day, but I still only blog about once/week (unless I’m also writing a guest blog). Part of that is because I usually want about 500+ words, and some of these would be just quick thoughts.

    Since I typically write in sports analogies, I get plenty of good prompts with slam dunks, grand slams, come-from-behind wins, and “finding a way to lose” losses!

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