Know Your “Ps” When It Comes to Content and Social Marketing

Way back when I got my master’s degree in Marketing they used to teach the four Ps of marketing – product, place, promotion, and price. While I think there is still some validity in this model, the digital age has caused a need to revamp marketing executive’s approach. This was covered in last week’s post “The New Customer Demands New Marketing.” Use this approach to yield social marketing success and consider the four Ps of content and social marketing.

Content marketing and social marketing go hand-in-hand … you cannot have one without the other. When developing your content strategy to reinforce what your brand stands for, consider People, Publishers, Producers, and Passing-on. These are your four Ps of Content and Social Marketing.

4 Ps

People – as always, you must start with an understanding of the people you are talking to and engaging with. Forget about the content you want to push. Be sensitive to the content that your audience wants and will value as it relates to your brand category and beyond. For example, if your product is a packaged food, you can offer recipes that include your product as well as tips on healthy living. But, always make sure the content excites your audience.

Publishers – marketers must think and act like publishers. According to Wikipedia, publishing is the process of production and dissemination of literature, music, or information. This is exactly what marketers must do to keep their audience interested and engaged. Publishing compelling content keeps the audience loyal to the brand and strengthens user experience.

Producers – the role of a producer is to oversee all aspects of multimedia production ranging from idea development, character development, and shoot supervision. The producer is responsible for the overall quality and survivability. ( There are two reasons why a producer mentality is important for social marketing. First, visuals drive more traffic, click-throughs, and engagement in social marketing than straight text. And the second reason is the need for a storyline and character. Your social presence should be based on a brand story complete with a personality. Even if you are not producing videos, include pictures and think about what you want your audience to feel as a result of your productions.

Passing-on – if your content is truly valuable, informative, and/or entertaining people will want to pass it on, but you have to make it easy for them to do so. Consider sharing tactics such as inclusion of sharing widgets throughout your content posts. Also consider additional ways and incentives to motivate your audience to share your brand content.

Yes, it was a nice little spin to go from the historic four Ps of marketing to the new four Ps of content and social marketing. But on top of that, there is real substance and value in considering your content socialization to include elements for your People, which include Publishing and Production that continues to have digital life as it is Passed-on.

Make It Happen,
Social Steve



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5 responses to “Know Your “Ps” When It Comes to Content and Social Marketing

  1. Jim Matorin

    What about R for relevancy? Guess that does not fit the tidy little package of 4 P’s.

  2. MDBurgos

    Thanks yet again, Steve, for another timely post! Exactly how I approach projects – even non-marketing ones.

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