Love and Kindness – 2013

Love and KindnessAs 2012 closed, I think many people were down. We all seem to take to heart the tragedies of Sandy (both Sandy Hook Elementary and Sandy the Hurricane). The “Fiscal Cliff” was looming as well.

With this in mind, my perspective was, “yes, these are horrible occurrences and unfortunately, we always have bad scenarios happening.” But we as people with different challenges can look to embrace the beautiful things in life. I felt there needed to be a movement of “Love and Kindness in 2013.”

So being the social geek that I am, the first thing I did was to create a hashtag #LoveAndKindness2013 looking for people to catch on and simply post love and kindness shown by others. I am thrilled to bring to you just an awesome act of #LoveAndKindness2013 that has hit me directly …

My sister Barb is battling cancer. I am deeply touched by the following that was posted on Facebook. Please consider participating and forwarding to others.

Okay. I need everyone’s help on this and starting by asking 18 people who I know will do it — (names removed to protect privacy) A dear friend of mine’s wife, Barb, has been fighting what others (who don’t know her) would think of as a futile fight against cancer. Last January, she was given 2-3 weeks to live. Now, nearly a year later, she continues to fight every day for the right to live another day, week, month, year.

Barb’s birthday is January 17, a birthday everyone but her, her husband and two amazing daughters thought she’d never see. I want her birthday to be big Big BIG. So here’s the deal. I want people from all over the world to send her birthday cards. I’m going to tag 18 friends and ask them to do it and hope everyone who sees these tags 18 friends and asks them to do it to. In Hebrew, 18 is Chai — life. So let’s celebrate her life because trust me, life is better with her in it. You can do it on line for about $2 or less at @cardstore ( Or stop in any store. I’ve set up a PO Box for the cards.

Please send cards to
Happy Birthday Barb,
PO Box 835,
Wayne, PA 19087 USA.

Sincere thanks to “Fran.”

Make It Happen!
Social Steve



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4 responses to “Love and Kindness – 2013

  1. Thanks for posting. I will send her a card and positive energy. Meanwhile, I just happened to blog about random acts of kindness and birthdays this week so you might enjoy this:

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