SocialSteve Goes Anti-Social

Coming off the heals of the less than informative, but more proactive study that stated young people are more inclined to choose social media over sex. Now I don’t think I am getting too personal to share with you that I enjoy both social media and sex … just call that a no brainer. But the past few days, I went cold turkey of social.

Actually, this was not a planned event, but I was extremely busy with my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and some things are more important than online socialization. But it was a nice break and I’ll share some perspective …

For those of you who have followed me for a bit, you know I am pretty active sharing my knowledge and experiences of social marketing. I guess if truth be told, I am borderline addictive. As others get from online socialization, I also get a certain pleasure in connecting with people and engaging. It definitely feeds a sense of good standing in a community of sorts. I would even go so far as to say that besides adding pleasure, digital socialization adds value to my life.

But do not let this deepened sense of pleasure coming from constant communication, fool you into personal comfort. Nothing can completely replace the direct exchange of two or more individuals. Having spent time with the closest people in my life this past weekend has reinforced this fact. I had the time of my life … not just being an extremely proud father of a daughter that did an amazing job, but connecting with my deepest and most sincere friends and family.

I am thrilled to re-emerge from my very brief sabbatical. I feel like the few days off have reinvigorated me. They have given me a chance to reassess my purpose in the social space. Reinforce my mission. I highly recommend giving it a try. I suggest that you step away for a few days and just clear your mind. Understand what YOUR purpose is in using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social channel. Be conscious of your social existence and do not drift.

Make It Happen,
Social Steve



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11 responses to “SocialSteve Goes Anti-Social

  1. Mark Longbottom

    Sounds like a good time had by all. one thing that we shouldn’t forget – if it becomes a chore/job/work is it really being sociable. I know we are here to help develop business and so on. but some people do take social media activity out of the realms of reality and into tedious reverse ‘nerd behaviour’.

    I often go anti social simply becasue i am busy, same as in real life i go anti social and spend time online,it should never be either or. Always being real to the people that matter at the relevant time whether they are living with you, next door or across the globe.

    As you know from past conversations I have done thesame for 30 years now, the internet hasn’t changed my sociable activity other than make it quicker to make contact and keep contact.

    Long may you be social and anti social Steve.

    • Hi Mark – really like this line you provided – “Always being real to the people that matter at the relevant time whether they are living with you, next door or across the globe.”

      Thanks and Best,

  2. Jim Matorin

    Steve: First of all congratulations on the Bat Mitzvah of your daughter. A memorable Kodak family moment. Second: I just enjoyed my annual one month sojourn in Europe, unplugged to a degree and validated that when I got back that my digital footprint was still in place. However, not one individual that I met from my online community even noticed or reached out while I was gone that I disappeared. So what did I learn? I will always be social and that my best relationships are still those that I have cultivated offline over the years since I have been a sustainable networker pre-Web 2.0. It is time for me to allocate less time to social media and more time to other activities that will add balance to my life. In the end I will still have a beautiful community, a hybrid community (offline and online).

  3. Mike Poynton

    I completely agree with going “anti-social” and do it one day a week (Sunday) to preserve my sanity, my marriage and my relationship with my 5-year old daughter – and to remind myself what a beautiful, natural Paradise I live in here in Costa Rica. You gotta unplug and go outside (and leave your smart phone at home)!

    • Thanks Mike,

      While I definitely have my marriage and family as top priorities, I have to admit that I break away for “hours” – not a whole day … maybe social is more addictive than sex ????


      • Mike Poynton

        Say it ain’t so! Remember, social is our bread and butter too. In fact, as much as I’m reluctant to admit it, there are some days I’m not feeling so “social” but have to be. So I typically hit the beach with my wife and daughter for sunset and a beer in the evening. And patter in my orchard of fruit trees after lunch. Sunday’s are completely off limits. You have to set some simple rules or you and your loved ones will go bonkers. So I guess… I’m not a sex addict, but I still like it – ALOT!

  4. All the best to you to you and your wife. Mazel tov to your daughter.


  5. Bill Rohde

    Congratulations on your Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, Steve. I’m sure it was a wonderful, meaningful and memorable weekend with family and friends.

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