The Musician Mentality for Blogging

What does it take to be a consistently great blogger? I suggest you follow the mentality of a true musician. A true musician is passionate about their music and simply wants to bring it to the people. It doesn’t matter if they are performing for a small intimate audience – they just want to bring their craft to their fans.

I remember seeing Willie Nile, a fantastic singer-songwriter, pop rocker, at a house party in New Jersey. Willie has played with some of the biggest names in the business in large stadiums. On this particular night, he played to literally 50 people in the living room of a guy’s house. The place was rocking. At one point he said, “If I am not having fun, it is not worth it and I would just give it up.” Here the man has been making music for 40 years and is still having an awesome time bringing his value to a passionate audience, independent of their size.

The point here is to blog with the primary purpose of bringing something valuable to your audience. I say this to you if you are an individual blogger or blog on behalf of a company or brand. As soon as your primary motivation becomes self-promotion, you inherently lose your value.

Now I am not saying that you should not be interested in growing your audience. I would be lying if I did not admit to you that I would love to have an audience growth of 10x annually. But as soon as this becomes the primary motivation, the value you deliver to your target audience will shrink. If you focus on a number game, something falls out … your writing power dwindles. I have witnessed this with a number of great social media bloggers that have gone from great thought leaders to mere PR machines.

Don’t get me wrong. PR, earned media, coverage in leading journals, and increasing numbers is extremely important. I have benefited from a great marketing director, Keith Trivitt. He is a stellar PR professional and has gotten me coverage in a number of leading marketing sites including AdAge, MediaPost, and others. But as soon as I concern myself simply on numbers, I will lose my most valuable, committed audience – you the readers of The Social Steve Blog.

My focus continues to be sharing my social marketing knowledge and experiences. There is nothing that inspires me more than sharing, coaching, and mentoring. At some point in my career, I hope to be a college marketing professor to take this transfer of knowledge to the next level.

Back to the music metaphor that I started with in the beginning of this posting. How many musicians/bands have you seen gone astray when they have reached the “stadium-level” of their career? Many lose their skill, their craft. It becomes more about the adulation than the music. This is the point I am making. Stay committed to your craft and bring it forward to your audience, no matter how big. Let this be your driver. It is not just a suggestion to be humble. You need to have the mindset of “I need to deliver great information and/or entertainment” and hit individuals with it. Pretend you are talking to a small intimate audience – even if your audience is large.

Make It Happen,
Social Steve

Post Script – As many of you know, I continue to draw inspiration and learn so much from my younger sister. On her private network, she posted something that I think everyone can learn from so I would like to share that with you as well …

As we know, October is breast cancer awareness month. Philosophy has come out with a shower/shampoo line called Graceful Journey. With the shower gel, comes an inspirational quote for each day of the week. I would love to share them with you, as they have made an impact on me.

FAITH: For every new storm, there is a rainbow, and so it is with life. If you have faith, there will be a rainbow, you will have the strength to weather the storm.

JOY: Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that bring us the most joy. It can be as simple as a shared laugh or a warm smile.

GRACE: How you climb up the mountain is just as imperative as how you get down the mountain in the end. It all comes down to one word…GRACE

ACCEPTANCE: To surrender your worries and accept what is beyond your control is to know peace.

LOVE: Love is the greatest gift we can give to others and ourselves. Love is all that truly matters.

GRATITUDE: Life is full of beautiful moments to be grateful for. When we walk in gratitude for every moment, we empower ourselves by empowering our spirits.

STRENGTH: Through challenges we discover strength we never knew we had, emerging more confident and braver than we were before.



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6 responses to “The Musician Mentality for Blogging

  1. Musicians can be replaced or and joined by artists who are similar in creating something and simply wanting to share it. Not just passion as that term is vastly over used but emotion and a want to develop and express creatively. This can be done in all walks of life.

    Seth Godin writes extensively about why it is worth looking at artists and how important the act of sharing is in life, in his book Linchpin. The business world can definitely take not eof what he says, for me personally I would love them to. I have been doing what Godin says for 30 years in art and business, and still i am looked on negatively by some locally but not globally. Odd how those people who I have connected with globally see merit as they are not restricted by boundaries.

    Great blog post and best wishes to your sister too.

  2. “The point here is to blog with the primary purpose of bringing something valuable to your audience. I say this to you if you are an individual blogger or blog on behalf of a company or brand. As soon as your primary motivation becomes self-promotion, you inherently lose your value.” This specific paragraph is a jewel in your article. I couldn’t agree more with you. As long as you post something valuable, worthy of reading to your audience, you will be considered a good blogger. However, use your blog for promotion, either a brand or yourself and your blog will no longer be worthy reading, because the primary purpose of a blog, to get some useful information will be lost. Thanks for writing this post.

  3. Jim Matorin

    I enjoyed the music metaphor. I often draw from musicians for inspiration because they also have one other quality that I believe is important to be a good blogger, they know how to improvise which is also important to consider when playing to your community – keeps it fresh.

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