New Marketing Segmentation

Every marketing strategy should start with customer insights and behaviors. If we really look at the customer it should be apparent that the way marketing channels are segmented is not sufficient. The two channels that I will use as an example are mobile and social.

Given I am “Social Steve” :), let’s start with social. Social media, social marketing is NOT Facebook. Yes, Facebook is one element, but far too many equate Facebook and social media as synonymous. While every brand wants to have numerous likes, engagement is a more appropriate Facebook metric. And the fact is that some brand categories will never provoke Facebook engagement. But that does not mean you should not have asocial marketing strategy. The objective of social media marketing is to get your brand, well, socialized … get people talking about it in a favorable light. Beyond Facebook and Twitter consider other social channels. Use this Lumascape chart to get a sense of the breath of channels.

While the chart above might be overwhelming, assessment will be simplified by looking at the different categories of social media channels. Look at these social categories … which ones do your customers use? Then select specific platforms for use.

Another approach to social marketing that does not even utilize social media platforms is digital PR and outreach. Here you find those bloggers and other digital influencers of your target audience and work with them to gain “earned media” for your brand. Check out “” to learn more.

And now mobile. It is time to segment mobile into different categories. The way we use smartphones as opposed to tablets is very different. For the most part, we use smartphones and tablets in different places, for different activities, and different applications. Therefore when we set a mobile strategy, plan, or app strategy our approach should be slightly different for smartphone and tablet use.

Here are a couple of things to think about with regards to mobile … “mobile partner” versus “mobile on the run.” Mobile partner represents the use of a tablet as really an extension to desktop use. People use their tablets as a substitute for a desktop in that the tablet provides for functionality as a desktop, but greater ease of use and roam-ability. Think about the use of a tablet while watching TV, going to a room in your house or space in your office where a desktop does not exist. We will see more and more that the tablet will continue to replace laptops. It simply is more portable with pretty much the same functionality.

Mobile on the run clearly is about use of the smartphone. Consider things such as getting advice and information during shopping, finding a location or recommendation while you are out and about, or receiving a personalized experience while shopping at a particular store.

My recommendations here with regards to further dividing marketing segmentation strategies and plans are not put forth to spin a new approach nor complicate things. They come from the reality of user behavior and use patterns. Customer insight must be the core of marketing. Allow your potential and existing customer to drive your strategy, plans, and execution …always.

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6 responses to “New Marketing Segmentation

  1. Great reminder of what we are actually doing online, so are our customers and connected communities. Best to be active and talk where they are and make it accessible for them too:)

  2. Jim Matorin

    Whoa! You officially lost me on this one Steve. Absolutely the most ridiculous chart (and I took time to blow it up) since Brian Solis’s social media peacock chart. As a hybrid marketer, I do believe that segmentation is important, I do respect/value we live in a mobile first world, but I don’t think we have to start over processing, slicing and dicing, etc. We need to remember two things: 1.) Business really is not that complicated. In the end it is all about horse, trough, water, drink; and 2.) We now have all these social platforms (networks, apps, etc.), but not all people have the time to be social or are actually social.

  3. Internet marketing is flooded with Social media sites. Social media sites are just a platform where we give chance to our customers and fan followers to share their views. Such open discussions are a part of Viral or word of mouth marketing.

    But Choosing the best Social media sites is always the big question. So, go for the Social media sites on the bases of your market/customer base.

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