Meet My New Puppy – “Social Media”

Meet my new puppy named “Social Media.” Social is so beautiful and promising. Just about everyone wants a puppy this cute. Many now see the need a for a puppy to provide the missing link for a complete and balanced lifestyle.

But “Social Media” needs nurturing, care, and training if you want him to turn into “man’s best friend.” Otherwise, he can turn into a nightmare. Do things like poop on your carpet, go through your trash and rip up things all over the place.

The allure of his beauty and sweetness is overwhelming. Many think you can just take him home and your job is done. I’ve seen this naive glean from so many. Do not be fooled by the appearance.

Your work must start with insights – understanding the breed you are working with. Look at their behavior and comprehend how they react. Once you have this general understanding you need to be patient. You need to identify how “Social Media” reacts to the specific communication and actions that you take. There is not a set recipe to produce “Social Media” into a mature top-performing adult pet. You cannot expect immediate success. He is going to piss on your floor in the beginning. You have to expect and accept that there will be some challenges in the beginning. If you take time and effort to work with your pet, “Social Media,” you will have a most fulfilling experience. But you must be willing to try new things, examine cause-effect relationships, measure outcome, and proceed with strategy and tactics that produce best results.

In the end, I firmly believe that anyone that adopts “Social Media” will create much greater relationships and overall value. You just need to put in the right time and have the right mentality.

Make It Happen!
Social Steve

PS –With regards to social media, I’ll use another metaphor – “Don’t put a dime in the jukebox and expect your song to play.” You need time, money, and effort to produce results. I am not an expert on pet care, but I do know a thing or two (and much more) about social media. I have provided numerous marketing and social media lessons learned here in The SocialSteve Blog. If you are new to the blog (or are looking for a few quick refreshers), I suggest looking at:

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5 responses to “Meet My New Puppy – “Social Media”

  1. Yes, agree with you. In order to make social media successfully, it needs high EQ – to be patient with the marketing strategy, to be patient with customers, to stay calm when social media disaster happens.

  2. Jim Matorin

    Interesting, simple metaphor. For me Steve, since I have been into networking pre-Web 2.0, I use the metaphor of vitaculture, the cultivation of a vineyard. It all is dependent on the yields you seek to cultivate – table wine vs. Gran Cru. The common link you point out is nurturing.

  3. Great Analogy Steve. I think too many businesses still think social media is FREE. Although yes, there are many so called free applications, but it’s not the applications that actually define an effective social media plan. It’s about planning, implementation, and strategy.
    I can very much relate this concept to when i was a personal trainer. People would join a gym, then want me to do 3 sessions of training with them. After an hour long consultation, where they admitted to me that they have tried for 40 years unsuccessfully to see results or stay on task with their nutrition and fitness, what in the world made them think that THIS TIME, they will be successful? For me, hiring someone to train you is about getting a result and having the accountability, 2 things in which they had never been able to do on their own. I only worked with clients who were committed, meaning.. they were ready to invest money in their future health and well being. $99 / hour is a lot of money, however, if they were not ready to invest, that meant (to me at least) that they were not yet committed. Sure, they could spend $300 to learn machines and again continue to fail, or they could invest in a three month personal training program, where they were held accountable and definitely committed.
    I think too many businesses are just dipping their feet in the water, instead of diving in head first. That is what separates effective social from ineffective social. Just like personal training, when someone does not see value in spending money, they are not yet ready to commit to a long term strategy…

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