Never Give Up Hope

My sister, a hero of mine, posted this on her blog today. You have to be a member of the blog to access, so I am reposting it here instead of just providing a redirect URL. Her friend sent it to her, but I do not know the origin beyond that. Pass it to some one who needs hope in their life.

Hope is knowing that there are wonderful possibilities and
that miracles can happen.
Hope is believing that until nothing is left, something good
exists somewhere.
Hope is understanding that change is possible and that
anything can happen.
Hope is being able to imagine that something positive can
eventually come out of heartache and pain and that
nothing and no one is hopeless.
Hope gives each of us the courage to face life’s challenges
and the strength to go on.



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7 responses to “Never Give Up Hope

  1. Mike Poynton

    Kinda your best post ever, Steve. I HOPE everything ends up well. I’m passing this on. Thank you!

  2. Mike Poynton

    Reblogged this on Mike Poynton/Paradise Social and commented:
    This one hit be right between the eyes so I’m reblogging. Never forget what life is really about and why we work so hard. In the end, it’s just about you and me.

  3. I’ve passed this on as well. A great post – thank you, Steve. Just what I needed to hear.

    • It has occurred to me in the past that hope is really all some people need to accomplish whatever they set their mind to. Nothing would be greater than inspiring people to accomplish what they set out to do. Spread hope.

  4. Ed Phillips

    Great post Steve, lost a dear friend last week. Inspirational.


    • Ed – very sorry to hear that. I hope that your pain is replaced by all the great memories in due time. Wishing you the best in a difficult time and happier times ahead – Steve

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