The Simple Explanation of Social Media

Still a bit confused about social media? I understand. I see it day in and day out with clients I serve. While so many want to make it complicated, it really is nowhere close to rocket science. Heck, it is not even as hard to follow as my daughter’s sixth grade science. It’s just that those that try to explain it either really do not get it themselves or they want to make it so complicated to justify that they are social media experts.

So my answer to this ubiquitous question has been stop selling and provide some simple education first. Since my blog has been a place to share information, let me share a presentation with you that I give to many clients. The name of the presentation is called “The Social Lounge.” It is called The Social Lounge because it is meant to be a casual experience where you relax and enjoy a straightforward explanation of social media, success, and implementation.

Here it is …

The presentation is a high level look at social media. There is mention of the A-Path (which is social media execution) and parameters to measure success of social media. If you want to drill into these topics one level deeper, see one of my previous articles, “Social Media Model that Defines the End of the World as We Know It.” What else can I help you with?

Make It Happen!
Social Steve



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11 responses to “The Simple Explanation of Social Media

  1. Kathy Sparrow

    I’ve really enjoyed your weekly blogs . . . . thanks for always being informative and on topic

  2. Outstanding slide deck, Steve. It prompted me to follow you in SlideShare. Now consider putting some of that content into video shorts on YouTube ;)?

  3. Mike Poynton

    So elegant in its simplicity. Something I really need to do for my business but have been swamped. I’m using your presentation as a resource. Thanks, Social Steve!

  4. Thanks for the nifty slide show, Steve. Well done! Slide #12 (The Power of Positive Content) really hits the nail on the head. Complaining, degrading, fear-mongering and prejudicial commentary are NOT going to produce stellar results. They may garner attention, but much of it won’t be the kind that helps generate enthusiasm for your brand. People need to be uplifted!

  5. Michael R. Hoving

    I have been asking so called “social media” experts on how to effectively use social media with “all” kinds of answers. Pictures do put it all in perspective. Finally an explaination in my learning style!

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