How Social Media Results in SEO Increased Performance

Sometimes it gets ridiculous … the debate over which is more important – SEO or social media. Let’s not be foolish and create another company silo. They both are and they both should be integrated into one strategy and complement one another.

Given the fact that I know far more about social media than SEO, this article takes a look at social media and SEO synergies from a social perspective. That said, I invite my SEO brothers and sisters to chime in with some SEO perspectives.

The first and obvious place to start when talking about SEO and social media integrated power is talking about content strategy and management. Recognize that content is the core of social media strategy. As a brand and/or content producer you look for a large audience to consume your media. Social media practioners plan how their content will be shared and passed along. And no one is going to pass along crappy content. The content must be compelling – entertaining, chock full of valuable information, and/or be very helpful. Then it has a chance to be shared.

But we also want that content easily found. And finding YOUR content is an SEO thing – both paid and organic search. Selecting the right keywords in the title of the media, positioning those keywords in the first sentence, and doing appropriate tagging are minimal requirements to start with from an SEO perspective.

The important point is that your owned media needs to be optimized for search and social!!!

Now let me talk about the not so obvious intersection of search and social. If you have a brand, you better own the top search slot for your brand name, right? Otherwise, you are probably doing something wrong. For a general search for the topical area of your brand, that is a little more difficult. Needless to say, it would be preferable to show up in the top fold of page one, but sometimes that is challenging.

So how can social media help with the variance of search placement between a general search and brand search? To answer this, allow me to re-introduce the social media marketing funnel. (For those of you that are regular readers of my blog, forgive me for continuously going back to this funnel – but in all honesty, it really is the bases of valuable strategy and planning.)

Let’s address the issue with an example. Say I am interested in information or planning a purchase of a bicycle. If I went about this as a simple search with no influential information, I would likely search “bicycle” or “touring bike” or “mountain bike.” But what if a brand did a really good job managing owned, earned, and paid media? What if I saw some good information about bicycling that was sponsored by and produced by Trek? What if one of my friends or colleagues (in my trusted network) knew I was looking for a bike and gave me a “Trek” recommendation? Thus my psycho-demographic went from awareness and interest to consideration and evaluation. The fact that “Trek” was well socialized means I would likely skip a search for “bicycle” (general search) and move directly to “Trek bicycle” (brand search). I could even take this one step further and look for a particular type of product from Trek like the “Madone 6 Series” as a result of a combination of owned, earned, and paid media.

You see, your content, content strategy and plan for owned, earned, and paid media can help in SEO efforts. The more we get people to use long-tail searches as opposed to short-tail searches looking for our brand, the greater success we have with our product getting in front of the consumer. And in the end, that is the ultimate success. If you look at SEO referred traffic to you destination URL, you can actually measure success of your social media implementation. Baseline your different search referrals (general, brand, product, short-tail, long-tail), and measure changes as you implement different social endeavors.

So next time you hear anyone debating the importance of SEO and social media, raise the conversation up one notch. What’s really important is having a killer content strategy and both social media and SEO have great importance there.

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Social Steve



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11 responses to “How Social Media Results in SEO Increased Performance

  1. Sharing information is so now, and yet so hard to understand why business has taken so long to revert to the benefits people can give and work with mass advertising to make it more relevant.

    I have always felt that SEO starts with your own voice and then the voices of your connected community simple really, so many people state they get work from word of mouth. We can all make that truly happen by developing loyalty within our connected community energising them to talk in their connected communities.

    I have still to click on an ad on the right hand side of the Google home page or a facebook ad. I do take mroe notice of friends, followers adn conections and what and who they are sharing.

    • Thanks Mark – always appreciate your input.

      One question for you … what if a number of people in your trusted network told you about a product with high regards. Then you see an ad … wouldn’t you be apt to click through then? This is the magic of an intregrated social media efforts and ads working together.


      • Get your point Steve and yes that’s where the trust and loyalty comes through, to be honest i am more likely to see the ad and search for the actual site. Have to be honest I don’t trust ads on the sides of FB pages and Google searches pages. In reality i am blind to them mostly because my focus and subconscious don’t look for that area of the screen.

        That’s just me though, do get what you’re saying juist have my radar set against certain ads and where they appear.

  2. Does it also give positive results if you dont contribute much to your page?

  3. Michelle

    I’m interested in learning more about SEO & titles. Do titles really carry more SEO clout than the content itself? I feel it’s somewhat easy to optimize a blog but I feel it is obvious & clumsy when doing so in a title.

    • Michelle – As I mentioned, I am not an SEO expert, but I do know that keywords for search should be in the title and first sentence of an artcile. I also know that actual traffic to your site or blog is heavily weighted in the SEO equation so if working a title makes your title clumsy and potential reduces traffic, that could have a negative ramification.

      Best, Steve

  4. thanks for the g8 info….

  5. Great stuff as always Steve, now we just need to get you to either switch over to ShareThis buttons, or change the title of your AddThis buttons to Add This, instead of Share This. lol

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