4 Ingredients to a Winning Content Strategy

Do you want people to be reaching and grabbing for your brand and keep coming back? Well having the right content strategy, plan, and execution is your secret sauce. Your content should be of great value. What does this exactly mean? Why would anyone continue to return to your site and social platforms? Simple – because you give them what they value – great information or something entertaining, and then maybe a little bit more …

Your content strategy should be viewed with 4 key ingredients.

1) Kick-ass Content
You must start by having awesome content. And this great content needs to be produced continuously. There is “Power of Compelling and Engaging Content.” It is not only the reason for getting one’s attention, but you look to deepen the reader’s attraction for your brand and build affinity for you.

2) Awesome Curation
Take it one step further and provide a curation linking to places to go to get additional information. If you really want to be the reference point for topical area, you must have not only great information, but also provide places to get more. This is an area some many have a problem with. You can’t be afraid to show other sources of analogous content as in fear that it might trump your content. Another reason for trepidation is feeling that you are the authority of the subject. (Fine – I would not be the one to question that.) But does this really mean that you are the only one’s that have a say on a subject? I am not saying you should link to your competition, but I am certain there are sources that can complement your content. And by the way … sharing others content will build good will and you will see that referencing reciprocated to your digital assets.

3) Places for UGC (User Generated Content)
Make sure you have places for your audience to engage with you. This takes on many forms, but starts with at least having a place for readers to comment. Do not be afraid of negative comments. You can turn these into positive scenarios by engaging and remedying problems. It is also likely that your community will come to your rescue in many instances.

Other successful forms of UGC implementations include actively asking your audience for content and posting it on your site or social channels. Stories, testimonials, videos, pictures and other types of multi-media drive two positive outcomes … a) they allow your audience to connect, build loyalty, and deepen relationships to your brand, and b) UGC promotes greater sharing. People want to show their friends that their content is highlighted on specific sites. As Andy Warhol said, “everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” or at least many are seeking this.

4) Sharing Tactics
If you want to drive more awareness, more traffic, word-of-mouth is extremely powerful as it has other people do your marketing. Referrals are generated by trusted, objective sources. To start, you should have sharing widgets (Facebook Like, Tweet, etc.) at a minimum. You can use plug-ins like AddThis, ShareThis, Gigya, and others. Other tactics you can use are voting on content and polling on questions related to content. There are a number of other ways to optimize sharing. The most important thing is not to have the “build-it-and-they-will-come” mentality. Consciously think about and plan how your content will be shared and what will provoke your existing readers to share it with their friends.

At the end of the day, you want to be perceived as the subject-matter-expert, leading solution providers, or one with the best product for your market sector. It obviously starts with having a great product or service, but marketing your greatness is equally as important. Content marketing is the way to reinforce your “wow.” It starts with having superior content, but that is far from the end. Think about the ingredients mentioned here and also think about a holistic “Integration of Owned Media, Earned Media, and Paid Media.”

Make It Happen!
Social Steve

PS – Needless to say, your content has to be SEO-friendly … and that is a discussion unto itself.



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7 responses to “4 Ingredients to a Winning Content Strategy

  1. So important to be a resource not only a source of information as suggested in number two, bringing people out of the twentieth century and just being a broadcaster.

    This as you point out enables sharing which develops loyalty and trust.

  2. Important points here – especially to share curated content, and to make sure your content is social-optimized. Meaning that it’s written for the social web, and can be commented on and shared by visitors to your site and brand advocates. This is what helps drive relevant traffic back to your site.

    • @Gina, good point which would follow an initial part of any strategy to step back from the tehcnology and think about who your connected community is, where they are active and how they are active before jumping headlong into every little hole as many businesses are being seen to do. This understanding empowers far more engaging and relevant conversations as I am sure you know, as well as utilising time and energy effectively.

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