16 responses to “Measuring the Stages of the Cyclic Social Media Marketing Funnel

  1. useful thoughts, and thanx for sharing the idea with the marketing spiral also – very useful stuff to be used for clients – regards Dann Sommer

  2. Great article. Love how you mapped and grouped the Social Media user objectives and associated tasks. There is a book called “Marketing to the Mind” you might be interested in. Parallels your approach a little bit, but there was no Social Media when it was written in the 90’s. It does cover in some detail some of the Relationship, Community and Advocacy stages in the brand life cycle, which are more easily served with the tools & technologies that are now available. Magnitude 9.6 uses a set of tools for UX design that also maps user modes and objectives. Like how you took this further. Thanks for the follow too…

  3. Peregrine

    Thank you for this insightful article, Steve. So many people have tried to disseminate this and failed where you have succeeded. It’s that V-8/Homer Simpson “D’oh!” kind of thing. I’d like to add that I liken social media campaigns and strategy to that employed in PR. We may not get direct results, but we know when they work (and don’t). Plus, many of the same communications cautions/caveats apply. Thanks again.

  4. Here’s what I think – you nailed it, SocialSteve! It’s not about measuring ROI or even Return on Effort (ROE), but taking in all of the metrics that come along with new technologies. All too often, companies are pitched a lot of new metrics based on the “hottest” technologies, and at the end of the day, they’ve chased the wrong metrics (too little too late, right?). In addition to the metrics you outlined above, at Social Strategy1 we look at foundational marketing metrics: reach, velocity, and frequency are a few.

    How fast does this issue move across the ecosystem? How many people are picking up on this conversation? What type of brand representation is moving – whether it be viral or just step-by-step across the entire internet? So being able to measure things like reach, frequency, velocity, and to some degree influence, is a real complete tool set for a company these days.

    Or how about politics? It’s important to look at how issues move across the voting public? How does a candidate’s stance fare with voting public? We don’t have time to wait for exit polls anymore. We can find out how these issues are faring in real time through the digital conversations taking place. That gives a tremendous amount of power for candidates or business to adjust their strategy to be responsive to the needs of the voters, or in the case of a company, be responsive to the needs of the consumers in the product or brand-oriented space.

    So, you’re right, measuring awareness, loyalty, advocacy and the other metrics are crucial to determine ” ROI 2.0″ and give businesses a solid foundation on which to base decisions. This just leads to smarter business.

  5. SS- Absolutely agree that “in order for something to be relevant in business, you must be able to demonstrate a positive, measurable outcome.” Great to see some thoughtful ideas on this important subject. Would love to discuss further sometime. DS

  6. Another solid post on metrics in social media. It goes really well with the “Social Media ROI – Don’t Be So Short Sighted – Think Longer Term” post you also linked to. Great combo! Thanks for sharing both posts!

  7. I am thrilled that I found your blog Steve, and thank you. You offer solid advice and real value in the information here. I am looking forward to coming back to absorb everything that you have written. You are THAT good.

  8. ahmu

    this is good information. we are to do a presentation on social media activities at each stage of the marketing model this helped

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