The Social Media Story – 11 Articles to Paint the Picture

I’ve been blogging for 20 months evangelizing the importance of social media and providing some advice and tips based on my daily experiences. In the beginning, it felt like cheerleading for a team that showed great potential, but still had not caught on. As we turn the page on a new year, I do not see the need to highlight the importance of social media as most now do see it as a must for their business

While the majority are past the debate of yeah or nay for social media, just about everyone is still looking for help and guidance. We all want to kick 2011 off right and make the most of new media. With this in mind, I have compiled a list of my 11 most popular and informative posts. I think they provide a very strong story and guidance for social media success. Here they are:

Using the Social Media “A-path” to Capture Ultimate Customers: Early in my blogging days, I defined the Social Media A-Path (Attention, Attraction, Affinity, Audience, Advocates). The A-Path provides a framework for building strong customer relationships.

How You Can Execute Social Media Successfully: Recently, I shared some specific social media execution steps using the A-Path.

Social Media: Are Twitter and Facebook Best?: When most think of social media, they think of Facebook and Twitter, but there is more to social media. What are the best places for your brand?

Brands in the Age of Social Media: One of the reasons why brands have hesitated to take the social media plunge is fear of losing control of their brand. In this article, I highlight that customers are talking independent of a brand’s social involvement. Understand the ramifications.

Social Media Conversation: I Know You’re Talking, But Are You Listening?: And if customers are talking, I sure hope brands are listening. Understand what it means to listen and get to know some of the tools that will help you capture mentions of your brand.

2010 – Don’t Think Social Media, Think Relationships: In the beginning of 2010, I suggested that you need to really just think about building relationships. If you truly plan to build customer relationships, the social media execution will come more naturally and easier.

Social Media Conversion and the Social Media Marketing Funnel: Social media must work and be understood by the experienced marketer. This article puts social media in the context of a traditional marketing funnel used by marketing executives for many, many years, but is shows added value for the funnel when social media is used.

Marketing Leadership (with a hint of Social Media): Once the experienced marketing executive understands social media in the context of what they have been doing for years, now they need to integrate social media into their operations, This is the essence of marketing leadership today using customer relevant execution.

Reality Check: Social Media Integration and Measurement: The two most important elements of social media are integration and measurement. Social media can not be a stand alone thing. It must be integrated with other marketing and business strategies and plans. And if you are not measuring KPIs (key performance indicators), how can you have any idea on if your investments are appropriate. What should you be measuring?

What Brands and Social Media Players Can Learn from The Grateful Dead and How I Learned About Social Media Influence from Bruce Springsteen in 1975: If you know me at all, you know I am a music junkie. I had to find a way to bring music into the conversation. But in all seriousness, these two articles really present some strong lessons to be learned from a couple of music icons who are also relevant to marketing and social media.

Bonus Coverage
I hope the articles above give you some good guidance for your social activities. I’d also like to suggest just a few blogs that I find to be very worthwhile to check out. These are my three favorites:

{grow} by Mark Schaefer: Mark’s subtitle says it all – Marketing. Social Media. Humanity. Schaefer bring a great cross section of all three and has deep interaction with his readers.

Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel: Mitch provides some the most insightful, but simple posts on digital marketing, new media, and personal branding.

Brian Solis : Solis might be the leading voice defining the convergence of media and influence.

You got some great information here at your fingertips. Now get it together and make 2011 an awesome year with awesome results.

Make It Happen!
Social Steve


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