Home Court Advantage? Social Media – Not!

The finals for the NBA and NHL just recently finished, and the home team won 10 out of the 13 games played. Every team wants home court/ice because history and statistics prove there is a definite advantage. BUT, for social media, home court is not necessarily an advantage. Go to places where your target is and converse there because social media is not the field of dreams. Have the “build it and they will come” mentality, and you are sure to be a loser.

If you have read at least a couple of my articles you are likely familiar with my push for the LCR Approach – Listen-Conversations-Relationships. Check the referenced article, but in a nutshell:

• Go to communities where your target audience is
• Understand what they value & need
• Observe their vernacular

• Make sure you understand your target audience
• Engage with them
• Don’t dare sell to them

• Continue conversations
• Build trust
• Deliver value to group, and build 1-on-1 relationships

So I have been preaching this for some time. Recently, I was introduced to a great blog / social network environment, Tumblr. (You know I have stressed the importance of having a diverse Social Media Dream Team and the suggestion came from one of my team members.) Now what is so great about Tumblr is that it is the intersection of Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress (or Blogger) all rolled into one. He has a large user base and demographics are milennials.

Just a little over a week ago, we launched Elle Magazine and “Things My Mom Never Told Me” brought to you by Woman’s Day on Tumblr. This strategy was simple – go where your target audience is and engage with them there. Previously, I had defined this as joining a community and conversing there, but with Tumblr, we could take it one step further – we could build presence to reinforce our brand and increase awareness in a strong existing community.

With Elle, this is a no brainer. Fashion blogs have strong followings on Tumblr. There are some great ones there. Tumblr is a very fertile ground for the Elle brand. Woman’s Day – not so clear. As mentioned, Tumblr is a young audience and Woman’s Day’s audience is a bit older – often referred to as the mommy blogger crowd. But we recognized that a portion of the content we produce is extremely helpful and valuable to the Tumblr audience. The Woman’s Day content that provides easy living tips such as making a great steak and how to remove summer stains, etc.. So while we are not necessarily looking to build a Woman’s Day brand, we are delivering value to the target audience.

These two initiatives at Hachette Filipacchi Media represent the winning strategy and going to the crowd as opposed to expectations that they come to you. In the case of Elle, yes – we are looking to increase brand awareness and affinity. In the case of Woman’s Day, we are looking to deliver targeted content and value to a different market segment.

Are you thinking of social media in a strategic sense with set objectives that can be measured or are you just jabbing your jaw and flapping your gums hoping someone will listen? Think about it!

Make It Happen!
Social Steve



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2 responses to “Home Court Advantage? Social Media – Not!

  1. Denise Pooler

    So logically and simple! Thanks for sharing a real life example to support your point. I find it challenging identifying social networks my client’s targeted customers are on. Any suggestions of a resource of listing describing top 100 social networks?

    • Denise,

      I do not know of a specific list. I simply recommend you search (Google or other) of the topic of interest. I would also do the same search for groups in LinkedIn (mainly, but not solely for B2B).

      Social Steve

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