Follow Your Passion

And now for something a little off topic, BUT extremely important. I constantly preach the importance of being personal in what ever you do in a social context, so please allow me to digress and share some of my inspiration …

I am always amazed by my son … his commitment to music (plays 3 instruments), dance, and theater – all of this on top of being a straight-A student. I never had this drive at his age (although I do now – much later in life). I could go on forever (like any proud parent). I’d like to share a homework assignment he had. The message here, follow your passion! It’s nice that a forty-something year old person can continue to be inspired by an amazing 12 year kid turning into a young man. Here is what he wrote:

Follow your passion! Make It Happen!

Social Steve



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9 responses to “Follow Your Passion

  1. mark longbottom

    always good to believe and to do it not for anything mroe than your self

  2. Hi Steve

    Thanks for sharing – awesome stuff. It’s incredible how some young people can express themselves like that.

    Talking of passion, I wrote a piece recently entitled “Why are you?” – it sounds like Max could answer the questions raised perfectly!
    Would be interested to know your thoughts.

    All the best

  3. Steve,
    Your son deserves a huge star, because he is already one. And kudos to you for sharing inspiration that is truly pure and enlightening. Nothing like being able to see through the eyes of children for clarity on what matters most.

    It made me this of this Ted Video that I posted a while back. I showed it to my children and they felt truly empowered. Hope you and your son enjoy it as well

    best Anneliza

  4. This was awsome, Steve. Thanks for sharing.

    The late philosopher Joseph Campbell spoke of following your bliss. Campbell was right! So is your son.


  5. I am a blogging newbie (I’m proud of it!) but I have over 20 years of experience with kids (I’m even prouder of that!). If there is something I know is that we should always learn from children. It is almost as if we were born with the secret to happiness and, little by little, we grew out of it. Children offer, so generously, “clarity on what matters most” (Anneliza said it right!).

    Thank you for sharing something so dear to you. More power to Max!

  6. Hey Steve –

    Check out Crush It! Cash in on You Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk. Goes in line with this blog….

    Easy read.


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