Do You Find it Difficult to “Make It Happen” ?

Make It Happen! – I often end my posts with this. I promote the power of social media. Do you find it difficult to move it forward in your organization?

Social media is like many other initiatives that are challenging to get organizations to adopt. I have had my fair share of “change management” responsibilities. I have found that legacy mindset and culture are often a block to change, even if not changing means demise.

So let me share with you my experiences of successfully invoking change management – and believe me, I’ve done this in some of the hardest places of all.

Think of the concept of “positive viruses.” A virus is “the causative agent of an infectious disease.” But what if this “causative agent” caused something that was infectious and promoted positive change – that’s what we want. The spread of positive change – this is successful change management.

In order to accomplish this, you want to share your social media ideas (or whatever it is you look to promote) with a wide breadth of people in the organization in one-on-ones or small audiences. Pay specific attention to your audiences’ body language. Be able to decipher who is really interested and who is simply giving polite “corporate interest”, but really will not partner with you. Body language is very telling. Look in their eyes. Look at their posture and arm positions. Note the difference between sparkle of interests in the eyes as well crossed arms versus open arms.

Select your “launch partner” wisely. Work closely with them. Educate them and be sensitive to their input and concerns. Implement a program with them. Tweak the initiative as necessary – you rarely get things perfect right out of the gates. Be patient and drive success on behalf of your partner. While you want to move your social media initiative forward, it is really about capturing success for the brand, organization, business unit or partner you work with utilizing your social media initiative.

And here the most important element of driving change: Once the partner sees measurable results, stand back; shine the biggest frigging light on them; applaud their success; promote their success. Give them all the credit. Just watch how the rest of the organization, business unit, or company begins to do what they are doing. Everyone wants to be successful and thus emulates success. No one wants to be showed up or left behind.

You need to be comfortable being the “director” of the performance and allow the “actors” to stand on stage and enjoy the adulation and applause. Go home. Look at yourself in the mirror. Be proud of the positive impact you are making. Be humble and kick @$$.

Make It Happen!
Social Steve



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4 responses to “Do You Find it Difficult to “Make It Happen” ?

  1. This is very solid advice and I’m sure by following this strategy it’s possible to effect change. It’s a challenge in many corporate environments, especially where legacy procedures have been long established. My own past experience in the first phase of the web in the late ’90s was a case in point. Non-profit, private/public funded organization that didn’t feel a need to be present on the web at that time. With the right arguments and gathering of both internal and external support the project got funded and completed ahead of the competition.

    Today, the same needs to happen to make efforts on the social web a success in the face of questioning and doubts and the immediate raising of the ROI question, often used to shoot down new initiatives.

    BTW, also like your previous post on the dream team.

  2. Your idea is cool bro, act like viruses to give positive influence. Great!
    You give me and idea today.

  3. Hi Social Steve…..
    Your experiences are very similar to mine, the only difference is that I have to drive this virtually across many countries. So looking them in the eye is not a luxury for me 😉

    But you are absolutely right when you talk about the change in mindset wrt social media. People focus a lot on the technology and forget that the technology is the enabler but it is the people that make it happen. The gap between Gen X, Gen Y and now Gen Z is getting bigger and bigger when it comes to social media and is fast becoming an issue in large enterprises that needs addressing.

    And regarding results orientation your conclusions match my own. I have developed a programme inside my enterprise that addresses the change in mindset associated with social media where I educate change agents to “Start small, Quick win, BIG impact”. This I have found to be a successful approach to sustainable adoption, but they need to achieve this themselves as you say.

    Good post….

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