Social Recruiting and Placement

While many of you know me as a social media consultant that looks to share ideas and best practices to promote social media, I recently accepted an offer from a large international publisher to head up their social media initiatives. (More on that later).

For now, I want to introduce a guest blogger, Rick Delin. Rick is the recruiter (headhunter) that made my new position possible. His story here highlights the importance of what I have termed LCR (Listen, Conversations, Relationships), both offline and online to yield winning scenarios. Here is Rick and his story in his own words …

“Last year in June I noticed on LinkedIn that there was going to be an Industry Meeting for Product Managers in Manhattan- called “PRODUCT CAMP NYC.”

I reached out to the organizers and volunteered to help out in any way I could since I often place Software Product Managers and thought it would be a great way to meet Product Manager candidates that I otherwise might not be able to reach.

The Camp management agreed, and on a Saturday in July 2009- I went to the meeting site and assisted by giving out Product Camp t-shirts to all of the attendees – this was a great interaction – because I got to meet everyone.

Also at lunch, I sat at a table of 10 Product Managers – but I also attended some of the seminars – including one given about the Value of Social Media in Product Management.

This was very interesting and of course, I got the business card and introduced myself to the speaker afterwards.

This speaker was my first call when my firm took on the search for a Social Media Director. I figured he would be a great candidate or know others who might qualify.

He had a very successful consulting business, but luckily, he was interested in returning to the corporate world and I was able to submit him immediately as a prospective candidate in early December – just 5 months after we first met. The CLIENT was very impressed with the candidate, but asked to see more candidates.

My associate and I submitted several candidates of which 5 other candidates were interviewed. Ultimately, our firm submitted 6 candidates and our Client interviewed others as well, who were not our referrals. In the end, our First Candidate, the one I met at the event in July, was deemed the best and an offer was extended.

Had I not gone to that event in July and met this candidate – we would not have successfully completed this search.

FYI – the fee earned for the placement was a great return on the investment of a train ride into NYC and a day spent with Industry Professionals.

I suspect I will be going to the other Product Camps in my future!”

Rick Delin
Executive Director, Technology Sales & Marketing Division
LLoyd Staffing

Thanks Rick … and yes the candidate was me, Social Steve. More about my exciting new opportunity soon … I start the end of the month.



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6 responses to “Social Recruiting and Placement

  1. What a great success story and a job well done by the folks at Lloyd Staffing!! Shows the true power of listening and mining for opportunities.

    Good luck in your new role Steve and nicely done Rick!!

  2. Congrats Steve, look forward to hearing more about this good news!

    Hopefully you will keep up with the blog?

    – Matt

  3. KH

    Bravo Steve, félicitations, et bonne continuation ! Keep in touch. Karine in Paris.

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