Social Media: How To Go About It Video Series – Part 1 of 7

Want to get in the social media game? Many want to, but still feel social media is a foreign language. Social media can be demystified. I thought it would be beneficial to splice up a video of one of my recent presentations into 3 to 4 minute segments to convey simple approaches and principles for social media.

The series is titled “Social Media: How To Go About It” and consists of the following 7 parts:

Part 1 – The Marketing Funnel
Part 2 – LCR – Listen, Conversations, Relationships
Part 3 – Define Position Before Starting Social Media
Part 4 – Define Objectives Before Starting Social Media
Part 5 – Importance of Value with Social Media
Part 6 – Traversing the Crowd through the Social Media “A-Path”
Part 7 – Social Media – Where Do You Start

I will post two parts a week for the next few weeks. You can find the clips both here on my blog and at YouTube. I hope you find these useful and I would love to hear back from you.

Here is the Part 1 – The Marketing Funnel …

(Also see “Social Media Conversion and the Social Media Marketing Funnel”)

Social Steve



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4 responses to “Social Media: How To Go About It Video Series – Part 1 of 7

  1. Hi Steve,
    Nice kickoff. I love to see the rest!

  2. LG


    Excellent video and presentation. I’m looking forward to watching and/or reading your next post.

    There are so many companies and organizations out there claiming to teach this new medium and I found you to convey SM principles the best.

    Do you provide any workshops other than your educational blog/utube posts or can you suggest what is the best formal training (certifications, classes, etc.) in this medium?

    • LG,

      Glad you find this useful and thanks for the kind words.

      I do consulting – usually for companies looking to form a marketing/social media strategy and execution plan. I am happy to do formal training, but I am not sure that is cost effective for you … you would need to get a handful of people to participate to make it a reasonable expense for each of you. I present at a number of conferences and welcome all to attend my sessions. (None currently on my calendar, but I am open to speaking just about anywhere). I am also happy to answer questions – no fee with in reason.

      Social Steve

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