Social Steve’s 2009 Social Media Wrap Up – Some Helpful Stuff

2009 has been a fabulous year! When I look back and review the progress made in social media, I see massive accomplishments due to swift adoption and recorded success stories. The year started with only a niche group knowing what social media is. As we end the year, everyone is talking about Twitter, Facebook has 350 million plus users, just about every company is thinking about how they are going to use social media outlets, and numerous companies are reporting successful programs. When you consider that “economic challenges” captured most of the headlines, the results and growth of the social media industry are quite impressive.

One of my objectives in 2009 was to be an advocate for social media by providing a rational bridge between established and sound business and marketing practices, and the emergence of new, supporting social media technologies and communications vehicles. That said, here I provide a summary of the articles I wrote to endorse, promote, and provide education of social media.

Marketing and Brand Marketing
Social Media Conversion and the Social Media Marketing Funnel
What Brands and Social Media Players Can Learn from The Grateful Dead
Awareness – Is it Always Good?
Differentiation When Social Media Moves Towards Mass Adoption
Brands in the Age of Social Media
Using the Social Media “A-path” to Capture Ultimate Customers
Indie Music & Social Media – A Perfect Match

Socialnomics – Social Media ROI or Social Media Measurement?
Measuring the Value of Social Media

Game Plans
Social Media Conversation: I Know You’re Talking, But Are You Listening?
Executable Game Plan for Winning Ultimate Customers with Social Media
Mastering (?) Social Media
Simplifying Social Media
Before You Start with Social Media

Considerations on the Company and Organization
The Social Media MVP in 2010
Winning with Social Media at Your Company: A Letter to the CEO
Social Media – What Companies Are Looking For
What it Will Take for Social Network Profitability

Ramifications on SEO
Social Media cutting SEO spend
Social Media – Should Make Companies Rethink SEO

I appreciate all your input, feedback, and the conversations we have had. We don’t always have to agree, but it is the socialization from a diversity of perspectives and experiences that produce winning and sustainable strategies, plans and execution. Let’s be social and make it happen even bigger in 2010.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and best wishes to you and your family,
Social Steve



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2 responses to “Social Steve’s 2009 Social Media Wrap Up – Some Helpful Stuff

  1. Steve,
    Brilliant summary of an efficient usage of Social Media!

    Not 100% sure, but my guess for 2010 will be the defragmentation of the social media concept that will lead to the birth of specialties and criteria related to individuals focusing on different tasks inside the thing. We’ll need to build strong teams and leverage each speciality that will be created.


  2. Hi Steve,

    Very useful information for those of us who are still beginning to understand the great potential of these social media tools. I believe that tourism in the future; will be guided through these tools and will be a must for survival in the sector.

    Thank you and kind regards.

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