Marketing Executives – What Help Do You Need with Social Media?

I am collecting data on social media needs to share with all of you. I am capturing the requirements of marketing departments as they look to integrate social media in their overall marketing plans.

While there are many that claim to be social media experts, I think it is most important to capture the needs of those that they potentially serve. Before anyone claims to be a social media expert, let’s make sure we have a solid understanding of the served target market’s requirements and needs. An “expert” should be able to provide ALL the solutions for their customers’ challenges.

So where do you need help in the area of social media – strategy, implementation, metrics? Do you plan to use social media to gain insight to shape your offering and/or communication? Do you look to extend your network and have conversations with potential partners and customers? Do you look to use social media as a branding and/or promotional tool? Are you looking to communicate important information to gain the reputation as a subject matter expert? What else?

I appreciate the fact that you do not want your requirements and needs broadcasted in a public forum. If you respond by sending me a comment, it will NOT be posted on the blog (for this topic). Your comment will remain private – I will NOT disclose any names or companies. I will simply consolidate inputs and post results, anonymously.

Thanks for your input.

Social Steve


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