Indie Music & Social Media – A Perfect Match

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a music junkie.  Music is my drug.  So when a new band puts out great music and uses social media to pass on the word, I could not pass up posting about it.

The band is Fanfarlo.  Truly a great band, they are offering their debut album, Reservoir. $1 through July 4 —

I love the DIY (do it yourself) promotion and the use of social media.  First, they give you an unbelievable deal – $1 for the 11 track album/CD (do we still call it that) PLUS an additional bonus 4 tracks.  After this gracious gift from Fanfarlo who would not help them with a little viral marketing and they make it easy for you.  Fanfarlo’s website provides direct links for you to spread the word on Twitter and Facebook.  I was much obliged to do all three: spend $1 on some great music and then spread the word on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Nice use of social media!  Now all they need is a little more integration with some other social media tools … some events scheduled and announced with evite or socilaizr, pictures on flickr, blogs on wordpress, music exclusives at, some live video on, just to name a few.

Hey Fanfarlo, just call Social Steve to unleash more social media power 🙂

And readers – enjoy Fanfarlo!

Social Steve


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