Before You Start with Social Media

I work with companies to help them gain online visibility and increase qualified leads.  The tool to get there is social media, but organizations can not just jump into social media without some upfront work.  The upfront work is really traditional marketing.  I take clients through a process I call the triple jump – hop, skip jump.

Step 1 – Know who you are.

Step 2 – Define the communication or campaign objective.

Step 3 – Define your communication plan.

Here is a presentation ( which is an overview of the full delivery process.  Let me emphasize three points as you look to incorporate social media into your marketing plans:

1)      Clearly understand who you are, the markets you serve, the behavior of your customer, and the REAL value you deliver.

2)      Actively engage – do not just use social media to push content.  Create a two-way communication with your customers – listen and respond to them.

3)      Don’t bite off more than you can chew – be selective in the social medias tools you start and make sure you and your organization have the bandwidth to stay active in the communities and networks you start.

And finally one last note … have fun.  If you are passionate about what your company sells or delivers, social media is a great playground as it helps to attract the right community for you.

Social Steve



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7 responses to “Before You Start with Social Media

  1. Ed Phillips

    Well said, you have educated me.

    Thanks, Regards


  2. Lot of clarity,i bookmark.
    JK Prabhakar,Bangalore,India.

  3. Can you expand on “campaign objective”?
    What would be full success if social media is implemented well? What are the metrics? Can they be directly linked to usual measures: CPM, CPC, CPA, etc?

    • SocialSteve

      I did a piece called “Measuring the Value of Social Media” (also on my blog). Please see the article. A social media campaign can have a “click” measurement, but be careful here … you do not want the “click” redirecting the audience to “buy something here.” You are building a relationship that may lead to a sale, you are not selling. This is a very important distinction. The campaign objective is defining the desired result –
      a) What are we attempting to accomplish through this initiative? (Generate leads, build awareness, shift an attitude, build a client database, etc.)
      b) What results are you seeking? (Generate __ hits on a website; capture __ new subscribers, __ “friend/connect” or “fans”, generate __ leads from Administrators from firms with X number of patients; generate __ requests of info, etc.)?
      c) How do we intend to measure the results?
      d) How will responses be captured?

      Social Steve

  4. That’s fair. It’s “soft” ratios at best during budget setting. The value comes from the rest of the year. For example, you can use analytics from Sales as indicators of how well your marketing efforts are doing, extract insights (e.g., how the 5 P’s are doing by the target segments and check if they match at least directionally with plans), and take actions (in collaboration with Sales) to close gaps, make course corrections, etc. So, ultimately you are mostly relying on your experience and instincts and hypotheses on what might drive sales.

    The metrics you had on the other blog were good. Thanks SocialSteve.

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